Scratchbox 0.9.8 "Egypt"

Documentation is available here. You can also browse the change log and the list of included tools.

Scratchbox was released on 2006-07-03.

Scratchbox was released on 2006-06-08.

Scratchbox was released on 2005-12-20.

Scratchbox was released on 2005-06-10.

Changes since

Changes since

Changes since

Changes since

Note about upgrading

If you are using tarballs and upgrading from an older version than, you should run these commands after extracting

    # cd /scratchbox/compilers/bin
    # ./wrapper_links remove
    # ./wrapper_links create
This step is not necessary if you are using Debian or RPM packages.

Core packages


Currently contrib section includes only the toolchain used in compiling n770 kernel (contributed by Nokia).

The Debian packages can be installed from this APT source:
deb 0.9.8 main
(use legacy for the latest legacy release)