Scratchbox Apophis r4 Test Results



About the tests

The test cases have been originally designed for manual testing. Automated tests should test more the internal working of the devkits, toolchains, emulation and the Scratchbox environment itself and be less automated versions of the manual tests.

Interpretation of the results

You may note the amount of failures in the test cases. To test the new devkit architecture, some of the tests are run multiple times to see that the target is creatable in itself with the combination of devkits requested. After the target has been created, the environment test suite is run and the suite will return failure even from the slightest of problems, be they in the toolchain, qemu's success in executing the foreign binaries, host tools of the devkit, or somewhere else.

This will be seen as multiple failures which are totally unrelated to the original test case. In the future, the automated test cases will be refactored for more informative results.

Test results

Automatic testing

Tests Platform Status Result
BASIC_1 & MORE_ADVANCED_1 Centos 4.4 20/40 PASS
BASIC_1 & MORE_ADVANCED_1 Debian Sarge 32/80 PASS
BASIC_1 & MORE_ADVANCED_1 Fedora FC 5 28/40 PASS
BASIC_1 & MORE_ADVANCED_1 Ubuntu Edgy 56/80 PASS